What Can Dermal Fillers Do for You?
November 05, 2019
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Discover why dermal fillers have become a popular way to treat lines and wrinkles.

While more and more people are turning to our Pasadena, TX, dermatologists for cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate their appearance and Fillerssmooth away those pesky signs of aging, there is still a lot of misinformation about popular treatment options. So, let’s set the record straight and provide you with important facts about getting dermal fillers.


Not all Dermal Fillers are the Same

While the majority of dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance already found within the body that provides lubrication, some dermal fillers are made from other components. While HA dermal fillers are designed to increase volume in the skin by stimulating the production of collagen, other dermal fillers only give you a quick skin plumping and don’t provide collagen restructuring for long-term benefits.

This is why it’s important to turn to a skincare professional in Pasadena, TX, who can provide you with the safe and effective results you want.


You Can Plump Lips Without it Looking Unnatural

We’ve all seen it—lips so plumped up that they look like inflated balloons. No one wants this and yet many people are concerned that those are the only results they will get if they want to boost volume in thinning lips. This is where our cosmetic dermatologists can help ensure that any lip “plumping” achieved through dermal fillers is completely natural. If you want to fill out thinning lips, HA dermal fillers offer a conservative way to make lips poutier without being over the top.


Improve More than Wrinkles

While the goal may be to fill out lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers can also be used to target other imperfections and skin problems. This includes filling out superficial acne scars to make them less visible, targeting and brightening dark undereyes and making the jawline more defined.

Of course, it’s also important to be realistic about the results. Dermal fillers can provide wonderful anti-aging effects but it can’t treat deep lines or sagging. Our dermatologists can talk to you about better cosmetic options to treat folds, severe lines, and sagging.

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