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By Southeast Dermatology
December 22, 2017
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Your acne continues to be a problem even though you're an adult. Mostly, the lesions are on your face, shoulders and neck, and whileAcne flare-ups are less frequent now, you desire better control of your acne. At Southeast Dermatology in Pasadena and Houston, TX, our dermatologists see teens and adults struggling with this very common skin condition, and they can help you have clearer skin and feel better about yourself, too.

What causes acne?

Sebum, the thick substance produced in our skin's oil glands and hair follicles, is the ultimate trigger of acne. When these glands and follicles become clogged with sebum, characteristic acne lesions form. Many become infected or in extreme cases, are cystic and leave scars.

Common types of acne lesions are called whiteheads and blackheads. If these become pus-filled and infected, they redden, feel sore and are called papules and pustules.

While no one can define the exact causes of acne, some predisposing factors seem clear:

  • Age (more teens suffer acne flare-ups)
  • Stress
  • Hard scrubbing of the face or picking and squeezing acne blemishes
  • Pregnancy, puberty, menstruation and menopause
  • Some medications, cosmetics and hair styling products

When you see your dermatologist about your acne, she will examine your skin carefully and ask about when your acne seems to worsen. Then, she will customize a care plan to give you the clearest skin possible.

Acne treatments

The American Academy of Family Physicians says that your dermatologist in Pasadena and Houston, TX, may recommend:

  • Over the counter benzoyl peroxide (available in soaps, scrubs, pads and creams/gels/ointments)
  • Prescription antibiotics (if infection is present)
  • Tretinoin, a form of Vitamin A
  • Surgical extraction (of deep cysts)

Regarding your at-home skin care regimen, our dermatologists urge patients to avoid vigorous facial scrubbing as this only irritates the skin. They also say not to pick or squeeze acne lesions because this causes additional irritation and infection. Finally, a well-balanced diet and adequate hydration benefits your skin whether you have problems with acne or not.

Find out more

You can control your acne rather than having it control you, and Southeast Dermatology can help. For a consultation, contact our team at (281) 991-5944 for the Pasadena office. For the Houston location, phone (281) 481-0033.

By Southeast Dermatology
December 22, 2016
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While acne is famous for plaguing teenagers, individuals at any age can develop this problematic condition. Luckily, your dermatologist acnecan help you get your skin back on track thanks to the numerous acne treatments available. Find out which acne remedies could work for you and your skin with Southeast Dermatology in Southeast Houston and Pasadena, TX.

What causes acne? 
The skin’s sebaceous glands produce an oil called sebaceous oil. When the glands overproduce this oil, it causes the pores to become clogged. This occurs most often on the face, neck and chest. The pore becomes more and more clogged, forming a red bump known as a pimple. If the pore’s clog is underneath the skin, it appear as a whitehead. When the clog becomes exposed to air, it turns black, causing a blackhead. In some cases, acne forms far beneath the skin and forms a cyst.

Do I need dermatological help? 
If you have pimples on your face, neck or chest and you wish to improve the appearance of your complexion, you could benefit from dermatological treatment. Your dermatologist will determine the underlying cause of your acne, the type of acne you suffer from and the best course of treatment for you and your skin. Those with oily skin may need different treatment than patients with dry skin.

Acne Treatments in Southeast Houston and Pasadena, TX 
Acne treatment often begins conservatively with simple over-the-counter cleansers requiring elements like salicylic acid. These can help clear the skin though you may require a stronger treatment provided by your dermatologist. These prescription cleansers or gels contain stronger ingredients. Your doctor may also suggest an antibiotic to help clear your acne from the inside out. While treatments take some time to begin working, you and your doctor can work together to find the best treatment plan for you.

For more information on acne, please contact your doctor at Southeast Dermatology in Southeast Houston and Pasadena, TX. Call to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist today!

By Southeast Dermatology
November 03, 2015
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Acne is a skin problem that affects as many as 50 million Americans—mostly pre-teens, teenagers and young people. It has a significant effect on the appearance of the face, which is why patients are eager to get help from a dermatologist. The team at Southeast AcneDermatology in Pasadena and Houston, TX is happy to help patients with treatments that can help clear up their acne.

First, Understand What Causes Acne
Before you can take successful steps to clear up acne, it's important you understand what it is and how it forms. Acne is an inflammatory condition that commonly affects the skin on your face and neck. It causes unsightly pimples, blackheads and bumps to form on the face. It is caused by the overproduction of oil in the sebaceous glands, which is often related to hormonal issues. The oil mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria in clogged pores, causing acne scars to develop.

Keep Your Face Clean
One of the simplest and probably most important steps to clearing up acne is keeping your face clean. You must wash your face twice daily with a cleansing solution suggested by your Pasadena and Houston, TX dermatologist. The less dirt and bacteria build up, the less chance of more acne sores forming. You should also avoid using cosmetic products on the skin that could cause more irritation. It’s also important to avoid popping your acne sores, as this can cause scarring.

Have It Treated by a Trusted Dermatologist
The best thing you can do for acne is visit a dermatologist at the first sign of a problem. Your doctor can prescribe a topical or oral antibiotic solution that will help eliminate the bacteria and give your sores a chance to heal. You will also learn basic daily care tips that will help you avoid developing acne again in the future, like eating better foods and proper skin washing techniques.

Schedule a Consultation
If you’re struggling with acne, it may be time to see a skin doctor about it. Call (281) 991-5944 today to consult with a dermatologist at Southeast Dermatology in Pasadena and Houston, TX.

By Southeast Dermatology
March 13, 2015
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AcneOne of the most common skin ailments that affects both teens and adults alike is acne. Southeast Dermatology in Pasadena, TX specializes in helping patients with chronic acne and similar skin problems. Educate yourself on the cause of acne and common treatments so that you can take the appropriate steps to combat this common skin condition.
About Acne

If you ask the average teenager to write a list of their cosmetic concerns, acne is sure to top the list. Acne is a common skin condition that causes bumps, pimples and irritations to appear on the skin. The reason why people are so distressed at the appearance of acne is that it is not something that will go away after just a few hours or even just a few days. Sometimes acne persists for weeks, months or even years before going away. 
Cause of Acne

Many patients at Southeast Dermatology want to know what causes acne. The skin imperfections caused by acne come as a result of overproduction of oil in the skin (also called sebum) and bacteria that builds up over the course of a day. Anything from touching your skin too much to wearing too much low quality makeup can cause or perpetuate the effects of acne. Young people going through puberty are most prone to acne symptoms because their hormones are often out of control. Failing to properly wash and moisturize your skin every day can also cause acne to develop.
Modern Acne Treatments

Modern treatments are available to help patients better manage their acne symptoms. Here are a few options to discuss with your dermatologist:

  • Antibiotics (taken by mouth or applied directly to the skin)
  • Benzoyl peroxide applications
  • Hormonal therapy (helps to control the effects of hormones on the sebaceous glands)
  • Individual extraction of acne bumps

Get Acne Help from Southeast Dermatology

The choice is yours: continue to suffer from your acne symptoms and experiment with various over-the-counter treatments that aren't working well, or contact Southeast Dermatology to pinpoint and successfully treat the issue. Visit their website to learn more about acne treatment, or call 281-991-5944 to schedule an appointment today.

By Southeast Dermatology
February 19, 2015
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Acne TreatmentWhiteheads and blackheads - they are a form of the common skin condition known as acne. Also, called comedones, whiteheads and blackheads affect youngsters and adults alike, but the vast majority of sufferers are teenagers. Dermatologists feel that there can be hormonal link to acne (hence, teens are prone to it) and that heredity may play a role, too.

Comedomes form on the face, neck and shoulders when the skin's natural oils, bacteria and dead cells clog pores. If a pore is wide and open to the air, blackheads form as oxygen reacts with the skin's own pigment. If the pore remains closed, the comedone is called a whitehead. Both are distressing to the person who has them, but there are ways to help avoid and treat this common skin malady. In fact, controlling comedones can assist in preventing more serious acne episodes.

How to avoid whiteheads and blackheads

Controlling whiteheads and blackheads takes some consistent skin care habits. While these practices do not guarantee an individual will have no blemishes whatsoever, many people report they have much clearer skin when they use them.

  1. Using warm water, gently wash the face twice daily along with a quality facial cleaner containing salicylic acid for oil or glycolic acid for cleaning off dead skin cells. Don't scrub the skin vigorously because this causes irritating dryness and redness.
  2. Daily, apply a retinol-based lotion with a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher. Retinol and other ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acid are known to reduce the occurrence of acne. Spot application of benzoyl peroxide creams clears out pores to stop flare-ups of whiteheads and blackheads.
  3. Once or twice a week , use a facial scrub to remove dead skin. An inexpensive exfoliating paste can be made from simple baking soda and water.
  4. Avoid touching the face, shoulders and neck.
  5. Don't dry the skin with excessive sun exposure, and indoor tanning is off-limits.
  6. Remove make-up at night, and only use cosmetics and lotions that have no oil in their list of ingredients.
  7. Never squeeze existing whiteheads and blackheads. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, breaking comedones can cause infection and scarring.
  8. Wash hair often to keep oil off the forehead and the back of the neck.

Again, the key to winning the battle against whiteheads and blackheads is good basic skin care done on a regular basis.

A board-certified dermatologist can evaluate the condition of your skin and answer any questions or concerns you may have about how to keep your skin as healthy-looking and feeling as possible. At Southeast Dermatology, our nine physicians are very knowledgeable in treating whiteheads and and blackheads and more serious forms of acne and other skin problems. Call the trusted dermatologists at the Pasadena, Texas office: 281-991-5944, or call the Houston, Texas location at 281-481-0033.