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By Southeast Dermatology
December 19, 2014
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Changes in season (especially fast changes) can exasperate skin problems, namely acne. In the winter, cold temperatures can be a major cause of breakouts and prompt visits to Pasadena acne dermatologist Dr. Mary Garman of Southeast Dermatology. Learn how to prevent or take care of your acne problems during the winter so that when warmer weather comes you'll have a fresh, healthy face to present to the world.Acne treatment

What Causes Acne?
Acne is a common skin condition that causes blemishes to appear throughout the surface of the skin—namely the face. It is most common in adolescents and teens. Acne shows its symptoms in three ways: as whiteheads, blackheads and red pustules that grow in various places on the skin. It happens when the sebaceous glands produce too much oil, which mixes with bacteria. The combination of bacteria and oil causes those blemishes to become irritated and raise up from the surface.

How Does Winter Weather Affect the Skin?
With winter weather comes cooler temperatures. Pasadena acne dermatologist Dr. Mary Garman often sees patients who have acne flare ups during this season. The colder weather, accompanied by dry air, can activate the sebaceous glands and cause them to produce more oil, which leads to acne breakouts.

Acne Care During the Winter
The best way to avoid acne problems in the winter weather is to keep your face continually moisturized. When your skin sees that you have already plenty of moisture, it won’t try to produce as much oil. If you have frequent problems with acne, make sure you are using a moisturizer that’s prescribed by your dermatologist. Also, keep your face clean with a gentle acne cleanser to reduce the chance that the bacteria that aggravates acne will thrive on your skin.

Get Acne Help from Dr. Garman
If you have a severe problem with acne that isn't responding to over the counter solutions, call Pasadena acne dermatologist Dr. Mary Garman's office to request an appointment at 281-991-5944 or visit for more information. Recommended treatments may include oral and topical antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide and vitamin A therapy. She may also be able to remove some blemishes, like whiteheads and blackheads.

By Southeast Dermatology | Pasadena, TX
October 09, 2014
Tags: Botox  
This FDA-approved wrinkle-reducer boasts a multitude of benefits. 
botoxWhile we are all looking to be swept away to Neverland to remain young forever, it doesn’t seem like Peter Pan’s stopping by our windows anytime soon. In the meantime, however, there are more realistic options out there for getting rid of those wrinkles and making you look as young as you feel. Botox in Pasadena has been offering patients amazing results when it comes to banishing fine lines and even deep-set wrinkles.
1. Botox treatment is fast: The last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours at a doctor’s office. That’s what makes Botox fantastic. Even if only have a half-hour lunch break you could still get this wrinkle-fighting treatment. Botox only takes about 10 minutes to administer, so you don’t have to take much time out of your busy schedule.
2. It’s non-invasive: Unlike other cosmetic procedures, Botox makes it easy to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between eyebrows and around the eyes and mouth without surgery. With just a few quick and relatively painless injections (patients state that they only feel a slight pinch), you’re on your way to smoother, younger skin. Plus, because no anesthesia is necessary for this procedure you can easy drive yourself to and from your appointment. No post-anesthesia grogginess or side effects.
3. Botox treats other medical conditions: Do you suffer from migraines? If so, Botox may also be able to help with that. When Botox is injected in the neck, shoulders or forehead, it releases the muscle tension that could be responsible for your migraines.
Dealing with overactive sweat glands, also known as hyperhidrosis? If so, Botox is also FDA-approved to inhibit sweat glands. Now you don’t have to be worried about sweating through your work shirts and during important meetings.
Botox also treats a host of other conditions including dystonia, overactive bladder, chronic pain and lazy eye.
4. Lifts more than just spirits: As we age, our eyebrows often drop; however, Botox in Pasadena has been proven to lift eyebrows, to reduce the look of “tired face” and to give you a younger and more alert appearance.
5. More affordable option: If you’ve been sifting through the literature on other cosmetic procedures in Pasadena, you’re probably boggled by the prices. If you’re looking to refresh your look without breaking the bank, then Botox might be a more financially savvy option for you than other more invasive treatments. You can still get a younger-looking you without forking over more than you bargained for.
If you’re ready to rejuvenate your skin, then give our office a call. We would be happy to talk to you more about getting Botox in Pasadena.
Have you already had Botox? Maybe there are other benefits about this treatment that we might have missed. If so, please feel free to share them with us.
By Southeast Dermatology
September 02, 2014
Tags: Acne  
Life can often throw us some curveballs sometimes. Whether it’s over-scheduling, a missed deadline or illness, we can often feel frustrated by life’s little challenges. However, acne shouldn’t be one of them. Unfortunately, both teenagers and adults alike are currently dealing with acne. In fact, about 85 percent of people have to deal with this dermatological problem at some point in their lives. However, no matter when this issue arises, it can be annoying and inconvenient. Who wants a pimple the night before the prom or a big job interview? If you’re dealing with acne, your Southeast Houston and Pasadena dermatologist is here to tell you some simple ways to treat it.
  • There are certain chemicals that have been known to provide some serious acne relief. In fact, you might have even heard of them. Chemicals like benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid are now your best friends, and as luck would have it, you can often find them in over-the-counter treatments and cleansers. Since they reduce blockage of hair follicles, they are perfect for those with more mild cases of acne in Pasadena and Southeast Houston.
  • Did you know that antibiotics are no longer just for infections anymore? While you might often take them for a flu or bacterial infection, you could also find acne relief in Pasadena with antibiotics. Either an oral or topical antibiotic might be prescribed based on your specific case. We treat everyone’s acne differently because no one has the exact same skin type.
  • Adopt a tried and true skin care regime! It might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. Making sure that you wash your skin in the morning and at night will ensure that you remove the daily grime.
  • Also, your Southeast Houston and Pasadena dermatologist recommends that you don’t wash your face with water that’s too hot. You might be surprised to find that when skin dries out it’s more prone to acne. While the hot water might feel soothing, your skin needs to retain moisture. Next time, opt for water that’s more room temperature and your skin will be happy.
  • If you haven’t found relief from your acne in Pasadena and Southeast Houston, there is always the opportunity to come into the office for extractions. Your Southeast Houston and Pasadena dermatologist would be happy to properly remove those persistent blackheads and whiteheads. Remember, no matter how frustrated you might be with you skin, there’s no reason to pick at it. Leave your extractions to the professionals!
Just be prepared—there is no overnight solution for acne. It’s a gradual process that takes finding the right treatment to get rid of your pimples once and for all. However, these handy little tips will have your skin looking better in no time. If you’re ready to find out how to treat your acne once and for all, contact your Southeast Houston and Pasadena dermatologist at (281) 991-5944.