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June 16, 2016
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Looking great is often closely connected to feeling great. With cosmetic treatments to treat fine lines and wrinkles more popular than botoxever, choosing the right one for you may seem like a confusing task. One of those options, Botox, is a versatile procedure which can help you achieve the look you will love. Learn more about Botox with help from your Houston and Pasadena, TX area dermatologists at Southeast Dermatology.

How does Botox work? 
Botox is unlike other procedures in that it actually freezes the muscles, blocking the signals from their nerves to your brain. Since the muscles no longer move, the skin on top of them becomes relaxed and smooths out. This process also prevents new wrinkles from forming. Your doctor uses a super-thin needle to inject Botox into the area in question. Most patients report that they feel little to no pain during the procedure aside from a slight pinch at injection sites. A single Botox session usually takes only about 15 minutes and has no downtime. This means you can get right back to your daily activities right after your appointment.

Botox Treatments in Pasadena and Houston, TX 
Botox is not just for wrinkles. This procedure treats many conditions and issues, including:

  • unwanted wrinkles
  • unwanted fine lines
  • uncontrolled blinking
  • excessive sweating
  • eye spasms
  • migraine headaches
  • overactive bladder/incontinence
  • other nerve disorders

Patients who undergo Botox for unwanted wrinkles and fine lines require continuous sessions over time. Most people go in for touch-up sessions once or twice a year to keep up with their appearance.

Who is a good candidate for Botox? 
Candidates for Botox should be in good general health, at least 18 years of age, and have no medical history of neuromuscular disorders. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not undergo Botox treatment. Your dermatologist can help you determine if Botox is right for you and your lifestyle.

For more information on Botox, contact your doctors at Southeast Dermatology’s Houston or Pasadena, TX location. Call our Houston location at (281) 481-0033 and our Pasadena office at (281) 991-5944 to speak with an associate about scheduling your appointment for Botox!